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LOOK YOU GUYS I’M DOING AN OUTFIT POST AGAIN OOOOH. I am really into these stupid sneakers and dont’ know why I’ve been afraid of sneakers for so long? THEY LOOK GOOD WITH EVERYTHING and it’s really weird (and by weird I think I mean great) having my feet not hurt at the end of the day.

dress vintage
vest h+m
shoes aldo 

in front of a house near mine. what? desaturated goth mermaid hair ^_^

So I got this sports bra at Target and basically am never going to wear another shirt again all summer, is that cool with you guys?  Longer skirt thrifted, shorter one from H+M last year. (I totally should have worn something other than those weird flat maryjanes but whatever, we were walking a while and I needed to be comfortable.) 

Right, so how many times have I talked about how much I love those awful Gaultier maille / mesh “tattoo shirts” from the mid-90s? We’re not even going to link to them here since I’m sure you’re all sick of all my posts about them by now. I nailed this baby for basically pocket change on eBay a few weeks ago and have been squealing over it nonstop since. (And thankfully it doesn’t have any, like, icky “tribal” graphics like some of those shirts did, just some weird girl and some bugs and a lot of spirally designs.)  I totally should have worn this with the snakeskin skirt in the previous post, but there’s always next time.

shirt vintage JPG
skirt Topshop
necklace some street vendor on St Marks, duh
shoes Underground 

Apparently this month is themed “Actually I Am Not That Cool And Am Kind Of A Slob, Sorry You Guys, Can We Still Be Friends?”  Or maybe just the last post of my sloppy backpack contents and this one, of the weird photobooth pictures from the past two weeks of the bizarre things I actually wear at home.

I’m, like, freelancing and stuff now I guess (do you need a thing done? I can probably do this thing for you, especially if it is a writing or an internet thing.) What this actually means is “most days I sit at home in my bed and drink an entire French press of coffee and send a bunch of emails and do some stuff on the internet” and “go on lengthy Twitter rampages in which I probably sound vaguely unhinged but whatever it’s FUNNY right,” which is also not especially conducive to “dressing like a normal human being or putting on makeup really or anything.”  It’s also “getting hot,” which is also “not conducive to dressing normally.”    WHATEVER.

Curlers Ricky’s
Bikini top American Apparel
Cutoffs (not pictured) Were American Eagle jeans circa 2001

Skirt H+M
Tee Hanes + Sharpie = YSL
Nails OPI Matte Gargantuan Green Grape (adorbs, but chips within like, an hour) and ORLY Terracotta

Dress Vintage
Necklace Urban Outfitters men’s clearance rack circa 2k8

Blanket Target 
Pajamas (not pictured) American Eagle boxers circa 2001 as well, Radiohead tee 

Really Awesome Salad post coming soon
Dress same vintage one as before

Nails ORLY Terracotta and OPI Hey Get In Lime, neither of which are even vaguely Terracotta or Lime coloured in the slightest
Hair keratin HiProPac + Manic Panic Electric Amethyst + Shimmerlights + Special FX Virgin Rose 

Sports bra probs bought it for track practice 10+ years ago
Skirt vintage and my new favourite thing EVER
X-files poster  my most prized posession 

Bustier topshop 

Seriously though, how epic is that awful snakeskin print mini? It’s like, fuzzy but is sort of stretchy pleather inside. #buffycore2k12

I’ve had an ongoing thing for those, like, 90’s Gaultier-esque allover print sheer mesh shirts — wait ‘til you see the ridiculous one I just got on eBay, like, an hour ago — and when I saw this awful thing in the window at Atlantis for $5 it was basically impossible to not buy it. Even weirder: it’s Laura Ashley???!  

I’ve had an ongoing thing for those, like, 90’s Gaultier-esque allover print sheer mesh shirts — wait ‘til you see the ridiculous one I just got on eBay, like, an hour ago — and when I saw this awful thing in the window at Atlantis for $5 it was basically impossible to not buy it. Even weirder: it’s Laura Ashley???!  

skirt topshop
top/dress sugarlips
belt ASOS
shoes Jeffrey Campbell shamelessly knocking off Jeremy Scott, don’t laugh
choker St Marks place duh

I got this stretchy textured tube dress from a Sugarlips giveaway from the adorable Wendy of Panache Halloweentown, who sent it to me all the way from Australia! (Look how cute she styled it here.) I’ve been wearing it a lot as a layering piece under sheer and lacy skirts and tops but wore it here with a flarey skater skirt and my new so-bad-they’re-good J. Campbell knocking off J. Scott shoes.  (I also just picked up a pair of ridiculous Steve-Madden-Knocking-Off-Those-Balenciaga-Shoes sandals at a thrift store for, like, ten bucks? I don’t know what’s gotten into me.)

If yesterday’s inspiration/photodump post of 60’s silhouettes and candy colours didn’t tip you off — LOOK YOU GUYS, I BOUGHT A COLOURED THING! And it has pockets! And I belted it here, but it’s got a cute swingy trapeze-y shift silhouette left unbelted, too. Another thrift store find, natch, and I’m sure I’ll be back to black and grey and chains and the occasional neutral earth tone shortly, but you know. I was feeling adventurous?

dress thrifted
tights aa
shoes nine west
sunglasses ray-ban

shirt mouchette
skirt definitely got it at a macy’s in jersey from the old-lady section two years ago
shoes target, ages ago

SUMMER CLOTHES, Y’ALL! shredded tattoo-showin’-off tees over sports bras/tube tops and linen maxis and topknots FTW. Nevermind that it’s freezing outside again today and these photos are obviously from a few days ago. I won’t tell if you don’t.

Also, what the heck happened to the exposure in these when I uploaded to Tumblr? Gross. Maje weird compression, SORRY GUYS.

again with the pink lipstick. CAN'T STOP

skirt burberry
tank alexander wang
boots steve madden (whatever)
sunglasses ray ban
lipstick seems like this summer is gonna be all about bright pink for me. this was some Revlon thing which is pretty good, but does anyone have any better quality recc’s of similar colours? long-wearing mattes are my jam.

You guys. I know. I tweeted about it and facebooked about it and everything else ever but it was SO FORTUITOUS AND EPIC that I have to blahg about it too, seriously.  This lightweight cashmere wool blend Burberry skirt which fits like a glove and goes with basically anything ever was forty bucks at a secondhand store near my apartment. While here I went with the peekaboo neon bandeau and Steve-Madden-trying-to-do-those-Ann-D-laces-thing-whatever-they-were-cheap-at-a-DSW-in-Jersey boots, I’m super psyched to wear it with… I don’t know, everything? With that sharpie YSL tee and creepers! With a nice blouse and pumps when I need to look like a grown-up! With a shredded puff-sleeve sweater and wedges! With a lacy silk cami and boots! Aah!

skirt thrifted
cami/slip urban
shoes opening ceremony

Seriously had ridiculous thrift store luck this past week — along with that Betsey Johnson sparkly ass bandage situation below, I also nailed this amazing Burberry pencil skirt (coming soon, natch, seriously, oh man, it’s incredible) for basically pocket change, and this chiffon leopard print midi-length skirt, which I think was maybe supposed to be a maxi on someone shorter? Whatevz. Wearing it here over a black slip, to make my slipdress fixation a little bit more daytime-appropriate, and continuing my newfound intense obsession with neon coral/orange/pink/magenta lipsticks. 

Because sometimes you’re like, wait, dude, I’m wearing hot pink pleather booty shorts right now, the internet definitely needs to know about this, hold on, I need to take a bunch of photos in that dusty mirror before we leave, like, seriously.

shorts h+m
tee obesity + speed
shoes dolce vita