Vogue Italia - June 2009
"All Tomorrow’s Parties" - Stephen Meisel

do you ever see one random image in your dash which you immediately recognize from an editorial you, like, freaked out over / saved / tore out of a magazine / etc years ago and then have to obsessively google until you find the entire thing, yes, that just happened

1990’s Arena Homme editorials

Half-bleached undercut, layered studded bracelets, excessive hardware jewelry, man-skirts (or are those just uber-wide pants?), leather jackets, teen angst, chipped black nail polish… had you any doubt at all that the 90’s are back full force and that now, AT LONG LAST, I get to joyfully re-live all the glorious sartorial errors of junior high school minus the whole social pariah thing — despite how contemporary and fresh it looks, this editorial is actually from Arena Homme’s FW 1999 issue.  I REST MY CASE.

AND ALSO, an ed from a 1996 issue, by Steven Klein (who directed Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” video, had you forgotten.) If there’s one thing I miss in today’s uber-slick fast’n’fancy easily retouched digital era of fashion photography, it’s that soft focus, off-kilter white balance, heavy grain, and incredible depth of field that you still can only get so perfectly with film.  I’m not even a huge fan of Klein but I love these shots — simple, clean composition, remarkably simplistic styling (HEINOUSLY PRINTED SKIN-TIGHT POLYESTER BUTTON DOWN SHIRTS O YES) but full of texture and colour.  

The rest of both eds after the jump. All via TFS.

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