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feel like i’m kind of ‘bad at blogging’ lately and maybe i should just ‘make this more of a tumblr’ like it used to be

IN OTHER NEWS, I MADE PHO FROM SCRATCH YESTERDAY and while I’m sure it wasn’t quite ‘authentic’ it sure was delicious, and a hell of a lot easier than I’d been expecting, actually.  I combined bits of this recipe and this one for the broth, then soaked some rice noodles, dry-fried some soft tofu (let me tell you, dry-frying tofu will CHANGE YOUR LIFE, why this isn’t more commonly known as the way to make it not suck is a mystery to me) and then let it sit in soy sauce/garlic/scallions for a lil’ bit while I chopped up some carrots, onions, peppers, and broccoli. Then I dumped the noodles and tofu and veggies in a bowl and then poured the still-boiling broth over the whole mess with a bunch of scallions, cilantro, mint, lime, sririacha and hoison.  And I still have a few litres of broth frozen to pour over noodles and veggies for super-fast cold-curing soup amazingness in days to come!