Here’s some lingustistic geekery about the verbification of Google, Bing’s hopeless aspirations that we’ll all be Bing-ing instead one day, and the weird legal issues involved with brand names becoming generic nouns and/or verbs (kleenex, xerox, netflix, youtube etc….While we’re at it, band-aid, velcro, astroturf, q-tips, rolodex, tampax, and saran wrap are surprisingly also brand names that became generic…and there are plenty more.) Fun fun fun!

LINGUISTICS TATTOOS. Oh boy.  Why had THIS (namely, IPA and other FUN STUFF LIKE THAT! I hope some of my old college roommates are reading this and have terrible flashback memories of me sitting at my desk chanting words over and over again to transcribe them: ‘kitten. kitten. kitten. kitten. is that ʔ or t??’) not yet occurred to me as a goldmine of faux-hyperintellectual-brouhaha body art inspiration?!?! And a whole gallery of nerdy awesome science tattoos. Via LanguageLog, obvi.