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Y’all, we need to take a second to talk about how obsessed I am with Langoliers, okay?  We all know how much I like things that mix rough with delicate, the decadent and glamorous with the macabre — so it’s no surprise that the decayed texture and organic fragility of their knit and tangled chains and metal-cast-crochet pieces appeals to me bigtime.

(I guess I’m legally also supposed to disclose that my company works with them, but that also lets me tell you something else awesome: of all the press releases, onesheets, and marketing copy I’ve had to write, these guys were the first time ever that a band/artist/designer sent me their notes for a biography and instead of trying to make the uninspired sound fresh and grammatically correct, I actually had to dumb it down so that the general public would be able to deal.)  We’re talking TS Eliot, western esotericism, numerology, and weird Anglo-Saxon mythology as inspiration for the collection, as well as complex systems of mathematical patterns that they weave into every piece. As if it didn’t look cool enough already.

More photos after the jump — and find Langoliers on Tumblr or Twitter as well.

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