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Spring vibes: a darker take on 60’s California chic (how perfect is this ed, I had to restrain myself from posting the whole thing), cotton candy pinks and mint green, mixed with (of course) leather and metal, old cars, dive bars, lurid illustrated postcards, the weird episodes of Mad Men where Don is on the left coast all like, hanging out by Astro-Turf surrounded pools with babes wearing dangly plastic earrings. Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet era Leo, faded acid florals, somewhere between deco, mod, 90’s candy ravers and Bruce Davidson’s ever-inspirational Brooklyn Gang. Still feeling big hair, though a little more dishevelled than I was a few months ago, and super classic Bardot smoky cat-eyes, with sherbert orange or electric purple lipstick.

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Um, no commentary needed on this post other than EPIC WIN FOREVER and why did I ever throw out everything I owned in the fourth grade because I would wear it all right now always forever and ever NO SERIOUSLY she almost makes me want FLORALS in my life.

Okay, so I lied about the lack of commentary: again, so obsessed with the heavy saturation, x-pro fetish, intense film grain, and above all lack of uber-slick photoshopping in 90s images and editorials. OBSESSED.

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10 Magazine, Joanna Newsom

I can’t explain it: whether it was that week on the west coast, my sudden weird habit of listening to Rilo Kiley from circa 2003 on nonstop again (dude, it was so good), some hint of vague kitschy western trends returning, a growing obsession with really serious hats, or the desire to work more with the brown leather and sheer white and lace in my wardrobe rather than piling on the black again all summer, it seems that all the images I’ve been saving to my hard drive lately have been about some sort of nostalgic Americana: an eerie half-imaginary pastiche of tall tales and faded photographs, American Gothic meets Greil Marcus’ “old weird America.”

Rodarte, Hermes, Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren, Derek Lam

Whatever it is, it’s somewhere between noir and stylized visions of the Victorian-era west, a little bit witchy and a little bit wild, reserved but still a little bit punk, with anachronistic mixing of period styles, luxe details mixed with distressing or deconstruction, and everything about texture: lace, crochet, leather, pleats, embossing, cable-knit, all in a vaguely sepia-toned or grey palette.

Jen Kao, Kaelen, Derek Lam, Gretchen Jones, Rodarte

Kirsten Dunst for Band of Outsiders, women in the Alaskan Gold Rush

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