Uh, Honey, That'€™s Not Your Line

She made me feel cool by proxy, like a human V.I.P. pass. Impulsive, erratic and electric, she was my opposite, and the juxtaposition thrilled me. I fell deeply in love.

When I said in my letter I knew my love couldn’t fix her depression, I was lying. I thought my love could fix everything, including her depression. 

Needing to be repaired is the No. 1 one rule of being a Manic Pixie Dream Girl — how could she ignore it?

She could ignore it because she wasn’t a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. She wasn’t a character or plot device in my story, or some damaged creature with deep despair that I and only I could cure as part of my “hero’s journey.” She was simply someone who had fallen out of love with her boyfriend. Which happens. It’s really uncinematic, but it happens.

does this guy like want a cookie or something, congrats on figuring out that your college girlfriend was an actual human and being able to write about it for the nytimes