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Spring vibes: a darker take on 60’s California chic (how perfect is this ed, I had to restrain myself from posting the whole thing), cotton candy pinks and mint green, mixed with (of course) leather and metal, old cars, dive bars, lurid illustrated postcards, the weird episodes of Mad Men where Don is on the left coast all like, hanging out by Astro-Turf surrounded pools with babes wearing dangly plastic earrings. Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet era Leo, faded acid florals, somewhere between deco, mod, 90’s candy ravers and Bruce Davidson’s ever-inspirational Brooklyn Gang. Still feeling big hair, though a little more dishevelled than I was a few months ago, and super classic Bardot smoky cat-eyes, with sherbert orange or electric purple lipstick.

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i went to los angeles to be a bridesmaid when one of my bffs from college got married, here are some of the pictures.

in retrospect one begins to notice things that initially you didn’t realise you were photographing: something mysterious and strange about the cult of girlhood and what it means, collectively, to be a twenty five year old american woman; something about vague connections of childhood and adulthood and rites of passage; probably something about feeling my viewpoint as somehow some kind of outsider (these things now forbidden to me, even in california, by law); the routines and ritual of high heels and makeup and curled hair and silk dresses, the quiet and serious way that women do these things behind closed doors for the planned photos of the event later; the way we remember things versus they way they are photographed formally; the alien and beautiful colours and light and geography and plants and water and sky of the west coast

heidi you looked beautiful and i’ve said it a gazillion times already but i am so happy for you and i hope you and zach are happy forever and ever

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Maybe it’s a lingering nostalgia for the west coast after four days on California beaches for an LA wedding, or just my probably-sorta-creepy-near-obsession with Bambi Northwood-Blyth (or just with her eyebrows and the related sting of my everlasting grudge that I ever began tweezing my eyebrows in the first place,) or a painfully cliche obsession for anything that vaguely resembles weird old faded kodachrome or polaroid Americana and the related weakness for, but I think this is awesome.  And so what if my little dresses aren’t Lanvin and my chunky boots aren’t Vivienne Westwood and my leather jackets aren’t Balmain? I can totally fucking dress like this with miscellaneous nonsense in my closet as is, and I am way into that. 

Photos by Tierney Gearon and via FGR, as per ushe, and more after the jump.

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