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Because really decadent brunch is super important once in a while, and it’s the only time I will surrender my kitchen dictatorship to squirrelfriend, who rules forever at Dutch baby pancakes and has de-pescetarianized me by finding out my SECRET CRIPPLING BACON WEAKNESS OH GOD APPLEWOOD SMOKED UNCURED BACON AGGGHGHGHGGHGHGHGH UNFFFFFFFF. Needless to say, unlike most of my food posts, this is not vegan, gluten free, or even marginally containing any sort of nutritional value other than perhaps hangover curing properties. And it RULES.

YOU NEED and probably have in your house already:

  • butter
  • flour
  • salt
  • milk
  • eggs
  • confectioner’s sugar
  • regular sugar
  • a lemon
  • bacon
  • fresh berries
  • vanilla extract or some flavourful booze
  • a cast iron pan, a cast iron griddle, and a saucepan
  • goofy apron (see below) and handsome assistant to cook bacon for you.

Got it all? Cool, here we go.

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Fashion week schmashion week. (Is it me or has everything been pretty, uh, blah so far?) I’m always somewhat surprised by how popular my food posts are and how many people email/comment me asking for more… Here’s some food-porn and apartment-porn from the lovely brunch we had over Labor Day weekend at my friend Alana’s. Featuring homemade waffles with stewed apples and candied almonds, a zucchini-dill-ricotta quiche situation, some sort of breakfast drinks involving tequila and orange juice (we didn’t have champagne, and tequila and waffles makes PERFECT sense, no?) and a lot of thrift store plates and decor!

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All I did this weekend was eat epic amounts of delicious food and take pictures of how durned pretty it was, so you’re gonna have to bear with me here.

Saturday brunch involved finally venturing up to the Ace Hotel to check out brunch at the Breslin (hella tasty, but somehow more formal than we’d expected) and Opening Ceremony and Project No 8.  Sunday involved veggie burgers from scratch (read: oversized lentil falafels with a bunch of other stuff in them) and fresh berries with real whipped (as in with a fork, five minutes before eating) cream. SO MUCH AWESOME.