Wait, guys, hold on. Like seriously? I need another minute to process this? Tao in Freja-drag?!

I don’t even know where to begin dissecting this one, but let’s just start with a little lol at the “handsome girl” headline (is this Engrish for ‘lezbochic?’) and then just suck it all up and admit that THIS IS BASICALLY AWESOME and also the makeup is really stellar and a lot of looks I’ve been into lately (outside of alien-face and orange lipstick, that is) — that brick red lipstick and the gunmetal eyeshadows in particular — but like, seriously you guys, Tao dressed up as Freja in Vogue China, mimicking a lot of shots from previous editorials I have freaked out over (Twin mag, i-D) multiple times, this is happening here. ALSO! I CALLED IT! Cartilage ring! They are back! I told you! I knew I wouldn’t regret that piercing when I got it at Afterthoughts in the mall almost 15 years ago! IT IS COMING BACK.