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OH HELLO WE HAVE FLEXIBLE NECKS HI THAR apparently there are alpaca competitions alpacas wear alpaca socks HI THAR

So sometimes you’re all, oh hey guys, I’m at the beach with my parents for the weekend, and before you know it, you’re on an alpaca farm, chillin’ with some alpacas. NBD.

Should you, perchance, wish to learn more about the “wonderfully entertaining and amusing” and “very different personalities” of each of the lovely little walking internet memes/sweater-shedders above (they have names! when you buy a sweater from them, they tell you which one the wool came from!) as well as more photos of them and a few mindblowing photoshop jobs, you can do so at the farm’s website here.

Apparently, VH1’s bringing this back.  Oh, hell yes. 

Unfortunately, the availability of Pop-Up Videos (or more accurately, the heartbreaking lack thereof) on the internet at this point is intensely disappointing. I remember them with such astounding clarity! Brandy and Monica “The Boy Is Mine!” The slit in Monica’s skirt at around 2:45 was added by a stylist to compete with Brandy’s sexed-up outfit there! I remember this thirteen years later! How! Why is this not on the internet! WHY?! And that whole episode of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch where they imitated it? AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO REMEMBERS THIS. 

In the meantime, another present from the rusty mid-90’s archives of Viacom networks back before Jersey Shore was, like, a thing — in case you were not yet aware of it, the entirely of Undressed can be watched online. Like for free. Yes.  Don’t pretend like you didn’t watch it and change the channel frantically the second your parents walked in the room (perhaps you, too, had something innocuous, like a nature show, or golf, stored in the memory button on the remote for fast switching?), because we all know you did. And, wait — Is that Adam Brody? Katee Sackhoff? Christina Hendricks? Yes, yes it is.

PS: Five bucks (or at least my unwavering gratitude for the rest of eternity) if you can dig up the pop-up version of that Brandy/Monica video for me. Seriously.  


Y’all, we need to take a second to talk about how obsessed I am with Langoliers, okay?  We all know how much I like things that mix rough with delicate, the decadent and glamorous with the macabre — so it’s no surprise that the decayed texture and organic fragility of their knit and tangled chains and metal-cast-crochet pieces appeals to me bigtime.

(I guess I’m legally also supposed to disclose that my company works with them, but that also lets me tell you something else awesome: of all the press releases, onesheets, and marketing copy I’ve had to write, these guys were the first time ever that a band/artist/designer sent me their notes for a biography and instead of trying to make the uninspired sound fresh and grammatically correct, I actually had to dumb it down so that the general public would be able to deal.)  We’re talking TS Eliot, western esotericism, numerology, and weird Anglo-Saxon mythology as inspiration for the collection, as well as complex systems of mathematical patterns that they weave into every piece. As if it didn’t look cool enough already.

More photos after the jump — and find Langoliers on Tumblr or Twitter as well.

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