Anonymous asked: "what would you recommend an aging woman (60+) with thinning brows and lashes"

i’m really sorry but as i’m only ~30 i don’t have a ton of personal experience with this just yet so YMMV! for my own brows i love the hourglass ‘arch’ brow pencil - the colors are very limited, but the texture is great, very buildable and natural. i use to make my existing brows look thicker and also to fill in blank spaces i have from overtweezing in the past.  lashes i think depend very much on the texture/look you are going for, as well as your own eye/skin sensitivities, and i think this is a very personal thing regardless of coloring/skin/age/etc.  last year i got a sephora sampler of 15ish mini mascaras (~$40) which was actually very worth it for figuring out what worked best for me - it was a holiday package, so they may have something similar this year!

Anonymous asked: "kill yourself bitch"


kat-howard replied to your photo “Witch #lqqks for fall #gpoy #ootd”

That’s your hair?! I LOVE.

yes kat-howard! i added blue into the bottom. did two inside-out french braids, and then knotted them together in the back. 

Anonymous asked: "Your online voice is intelligent, bitchy, angry and sarcastic. R u like that irl?"

depends who you ask probably

I definitely have a dry sense of humor and am prone to eye rolling as I have little to no patience for dickheads but I also am in general polite and even tempered and never malicious

Anonymous asked: "you should be ashamed of yourself"

no u

Anonymous asked: "don't you feel horrible about yourself working in such a shallow and terrible industry"

nope, i feel fine

Anonymous asked: "are you single?"

nice girls don’t kiss and tell

Anonymous asked: "u changed jobs again?"

Eh I mean Id been at the same one for the last 18 months or so, though also with some other random freelance projects involved as well. Just started at doing all things social, pretty damn psyched on it.

Anonymous asked: "how old are you?"

i got asked this in a bar a few weeks ago and i paused for a moment because i had genuinely forgotten and actually had to do the math in my head and even then i got confused and so just handed the bartender my ID and told them the year i was born and everything was ok

Anonymous asked: "how to take grey hair out they are so sturb to get redd"

how is babby formed

how girl get pragnent

they need to do way instain mother

Anonymous asked: "Did you bleach hair again? What color do you use to get your dark roots?"

i toned the bleached bits down to like around a level 8/9 blonde (was 12/13 platinum before) and got a partial foil with lowlights in the back and highlights in the front to blend it in to a less harsh blonde. i’m staying blonde but not bleaching it anymore because i hate how damaging it is 

roots are my natural color which is around a level 6 i think and gets much lighter in the sun

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relevant both to my interests and my job. excuse…

jennirl i spent  about a month freaking out over and quoting and linking to this piece, which is similar and also relevant to my interests and job

Anonymous asked: "I thought I saw you on the upper west side yesterday?"

negative, was in bk all day and honestly don’t remember the last time i was on the UWS, i think probably a root canal 4 yrs ago

are you all the same anon or are there MULTIPLE randos who keep messaging me saying they thought they saw me somewhere in ny

index-rerum replied to your photo “i never thought i would hear myself say “wow, that jeremy scott…”

adverbs like “profoundly” are overused and trite and just generally lazy, except in specific circumstances

well in that case i invite you to come up with a more accurate descriptor for the snoozefest xtreme contained in the original post

Anonymous asked: "damn, did you get a nose job? you look totally different in that pic!"

no i just finished puberty and then twelve or thirteen more years passed