proud to be a silly woman laden with sins with a degree in the fag agenda from this aformentioned ivy league whorehouse 

I know it’s been a week since we all freaked out about this, but everyone should probably read it again because it’s so fucking good

patti smith + robert mapplethorpe by judy linn

Sorry kids, is this too many photography posts in a week? But seriously, you guys — that photo of Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe on their balcony that everyone ever loves has been done to death and we still love it, but check out these images of the two of them, shot by Judith Linn (who teaches at my alma mater, and who I definitely had no idea was hanging around Manhattan with Patti Smith  before she became, you know, some other art professor at my college.)  A book of the images just came out, and the show opens at Feature on the LES tomorrow evening.

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Whoever the current Vassar senior blogging over at onetwosixohfour is, they are kind of totally delightful (thank you Caitlinmae for sending this to me) and have somehow explained exactly what college was like for me so perfectly that I’m half-laughing and half-almost-crying out of nostalgia/absurdity/disgust/love.  From my mildly uncomfortable bench in a laptop sea at a semi-snobby Williamsburg coffee shop freelancing/blogging (paying for coffee in quarters thank you semblance of adult life a few years after graduating. #nostalgiaevenforthingsididn’tlove) 

I probably have plenty of thoughtful faux-analytic things to say about this (ZOMG CLASS RACE GENDER ETC), but I’m just going to let a bunch of other ex Vassar girls (who are probably going to hate me for this) going to town on my Facebook wall do the talking here, because IT’S FUNNER.

Also, LOL.