HELLO FRIENDS! I need to ask you a favor.

It is fashion week here in New York again! Again! It never stops! Every time I try to come up with some like, witty conceptual post or whatever instead of admitting to the fact that I’m just going to spend the next week running around in offensive shoes grabbing up all the free drinks my grubby little hands can find and then leaning disaffectedly against every wall I can find for some charming problem-tennis banter about whose jobs or editors or whatever are just more stressful or whatever it is we actually do all week, but it is not an easy thing to do!

Of course we can expect a flurry of posts of photos of shows and wacky outfits and Internet Blog Friends Who Are Now IRL Friends and everything! But also! It seems like another kind of fashion week feature might be nice here.

I am sure we have all noticed by now that most fashion bloggers are, you know, Beautiful Skinny Straight White Girls With Bottomless Bank Accounts And Access To Very Lovely Things.  Which I suspect may not always line up with, you know, People Who Are Interested In Fashion In General.  This isn’t to say that the skinny girls who can afford all that Proenza or whatever aren’t lovely and talented and stylish and brilliant people whose blogs I read all the time! Many of them deserve every last bit of attention and free stuff and internet love that they get, because they are amazing!

But I know there are surely TONS of other fabulous fashion and style blogs out there who get a little less mainstream attention for whatever reasons — that the writers are people of colour, or are less wealthy and making most of their own clothes, or are queer, or are visibly queer, or are trans ladies or trans men, or are stylish curvy ladies, or maybe have some kind of disability, or maybe have survived something which provides them with unique perspective, or maybe are Muslim ladies who choose to dress modestly and have killer style, or maybe are just people who are older than 30.

And I get so many questions and emails asking about them! So many! It is amazing how many people ask me if I can recommend any fashion and style blogs like that! Because you guys are awesome, and because it’s true, it is frustratingly hard to find inspiration from anyone who is somehow a little bit outside the arbitrary media-prescribed norm, people who are stylish and love fashion even though everyone else often seems to (wrongly) suggest that fashion just isn’t meant for them.  

The point is: I feel bummed that I don’t have a great list somewhere to immediately direct questioners to and also to highlight the amazingness of all these people whose amazingness may not get highlighted as often as it ought to. Which is why I’m asking for your input! I was super psyched to be included in Threadbared’s list of queer fashion bloggers last year — and I want to compile something like that here, but beyond just queer (though obviously queer blogs are to be included.)

SO!  What are the other blogs you read and love that fall a little outside of whatever is dictated as normative by fashion, people who are super talented but aren’t as likely to get featured by Refinery29 as the next big style blogger or whatever? Go to town, kids. Link everything you want in the comments and I’ll compile them into my own list here sometime in the next week, since I think all of our Google Reader lists could probably use a fashion week makeover.

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