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This past Monday the lovely folks from invited myself and a handful of other bloggers out to the Promotion Factory's Flatiron offices (they had a patio!?) for a design/styling competition from Glam Rock Watches. (FDA disclosure time: hey guys i got free shit!) We had the opportunity to use lil’ screwdrivers to design our own custom watches from their Miami line, which despite the very-not-me name was actually pretty rad.  Also there were small sandwiches and macarons and mimosas, which I’m also always into.

Three things I thought were snazzy: extremely large clunky watch faces (which I’ve always liked, which gives us a fun opportunity for hilarious/awkward teenage photo linkage!), lack of blingy brand names (Enrico, the CEO, talked for a while about valuing personalizable design rather than a huge logo all over things), and custom/interchangeable watch faces and straps.

The macarons which matched the rainbow of watch part options, and my final choice — go figure. It’s a large white dial with silver roman numerals and the strap and face cover are a matte textured black leather.  Considering both my affinity for piling chunky black and shiny things around my wrists and also my inability to be on time to basically anything ever, we’re going with epic win all around on this one.

More photos after the jump!

Marcus and two Beccas.

I didn’t manage to get Becca’s card which I’m regretting hardcore — she makes these incredible chain necklace/harness/body jewelry things (see that one on her shoulder there?) and someone needs to link me to her immediately as there was this one dangly crucifix over-the-ear earring situation that kind of needs to happen now.

Neutrals, tight jeans, boots, bracelets - check. No surprise Marcus and I got along and I added his blog to my reader basically immediately. (He also seemed to be the only other one into the free booze and also had metal studs on his Blackberry.)

Becca on the other hand, aside from being a total sweetheart, also looked like a million bucks, but in the polar opposite way from me. And yet also walked out with a watch that suited her style!  (Hers involved sparkles.)

I told you guys I wear the same thing for weeks straight.  (Incidentally and hilariously I showed up to a photo job wearing this and was told I was dressed inappropriately because my shorts were too short for the first time in my life. Uh.) Probably one of the more unflattering photos of the past five years but whatevz.

The lovely folks from Lookbooks!

Beccas’ shoes.


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