please advise

i bought this hummus with this spicy junk on top of it but when i removed it from the fridge five minutes ago in hopes of a snack, i realized it had somehow been punctured and was getting spicy garlic-smelling red oil everywhere

i looked at it in dismay, the mess slowly growing and the plastic too slippery with oil to remove, and i felt the weight of the world on my shoulders

and i thought the phrase ‘my hummus is leaking and i don’t know what to do’ and then realized i had thought it in the tune of ‘mr november’ by the national 

everything is terrible

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  1. slayerslayercatsatan said: Use a warm damp cloth w/a drop of dishwashing liquid to mop up as much of the oil as possible, turning the puddle into a thin glaze of oil. When it’s dry enough, pull out the shelving from yr fridge and clean it with a spray cleaner.
  2. othernotebooksareavailable said: Whatever happens, you’re a winner in life if that song was the way you processed your hoummus-related despair.
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