things that happened today

1. there was no running water in my apartment all day; i just showered and brushed my teeth for the first time in 24 hours

2. a gracious older gentleman made polite small talk with me in a starbucks in the port authority and then spontaneously bought my coffee and wished me merry christmas; i suspect he may Actually Be Santa

3. the entire nj transit system at the port authority was inexplicably cash-only and i was in possession only of credit cards; it was a fucking nightmare and it took me five hours to get from my apartment to new jersey; i survived and let it be known that the port authority at rush hour on the twenty third of december is not a place that anyone should ever have to be, if this happens to you i hope you also get to run into Actual Santa and he pays for your latte and carrot juice as well

4. i am sitting in my childhood bed right now and the only sheets that fit it are flannel and covered in teddy bears and earlier when i got home my mom made me a grilled cheese sandwich

5. shawn told me i look like mira sorvino in romy and michelle’s high school reuinion

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