i just went to a cafe and ordered a coffee and was rummaging through my sizeable bag to find my wallet, and the baristas were talking about Radiohead and they were like “how many studio albums did they have anyhow?” and i, still rummaging through my sizeable bag, compulsively blurted out “EIGHT BUT ONLY SEVEN THAT ANYONE CARED ABOUT WHO EVEN KNOWS WHAT THAT LAST ONE WAS” and they laughed and then one of them was like “man my favourite song though is that one that’s, like, ‘i want to be someone else doop doop doop explode’ or something” and i compulsively blurted out “TALK SHOW HOST, IT’S MY FAVOURITE RADIOHEAD SONG TOO IT’S ON THE ROMEO AND JULIET SOUNDTRACK BUT IT WAS ORIGINALLY A B-SIDE OF STREET SPIRIT THAT SOMEONE THEN REMIXED FOR THE MOVIE” whilst still rummaging through my bag and they laughed and were very impressed and said “woah, you know what, don’t worry about the coffee,” moral of the story i hate myself

but that free cup of coffee is the second thing my embarrassing all-encompassing teenage love and knowledge of radiohead has gotten me, the first of course being my first job at capitol records which is a much better story than this one, but that’s okay, DON’T EVER FEEL BAD FOR DUMB TEENAGE THINGS YOU GUYS, YOU MIGHT GET FREE COFFEE