Movie version of Devil Wears Prada: do you have any feelings and/or thoughts about it? I'm trying not to feel ashamed that this is the question I wanted to ask you after reading your awesome discussion with the Rejectionist about the Zambreno review. It was a wonderful read—two great brains that brain more together, etc.

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Glad you enjoyed it! Re: DWP, I mean, I thought it was a fun movie, and I’ve definitely posted videos of Meryl Streep’s rant about the cerulean sweater as a jokey response to things on the internet before? I don’t really have any Major Feelings about it other than that it’s fun and I have no problem with fun movies.  Like, I also really likeThirteen Going on Thirty and also The Bourne Identity, so.  You know. Not a lot of Critical Film Commentary here, alas.

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