Anonymous asked: "Hi thanks for the tutorial. I had bleached my hair and it turned this yellowish orange. I think with ine bleaching it will turn that yellow color ou were talking about. Would it be okay if i used an actual toner and then colored it in a manic panic? I know its a toner but i need something to get rid of that tint of orange. Or should i rebleach it?"

I can’t say because I don’t know your hair or how it reacts, I’m definitely not professional, and I can only really speak for what’s worked for me — but Manic Panic only really “stains” your hair, so whatever color is underneath will still show through a bit. ┬áSo if it’s orange, dark red Manic Panic would be fine at this point and light yellow-orange is probably light enough and you probably don’t even need to tone, but if you’re going for a light blue or something, you’ll need to get your hair lighter (so yes, bleach again) before it will work.