Just a nice lil’ instructional video for you, boys and girls. 

Via Worn's blog — whom I should also give a lil’ bit of love here, since among my holiday-season surprises was a package from the lovely ladies at Worn Journal containing their latest two issues and some buttons!

My favorite thing about Worn isn’t necessarily the snazzy non-model-containing photoshoots, interviews with bloggers or people with kewl jobs like “textile preservationist”, or the vintage-heavy styling, but the preference for geeky fashion fact and information over instructions on how to make the latest trends work with my apparently tragic pear shape.  LIKE FOR EXAMPLE,  did you know that Erik Satie used his inheritance to purchase seven custom-made suits of grey corduroy which he wore basically constantly, earning himself the nickname “The Velvet Gentleman?”  Me neither, and I’ve now told at least four people this in conversation in the past few weeks. 

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