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One of the perks of working in fashion is that when, say, you’re wearing a leeeeettle-bit-too-short-skirt and your stockings suddenly bust open in a giant run, like, an unforgivable totally not-cute underwear-baring gaping nightmare run of horror and shame, not that these things happen to me ALL THE GODDAMNED TIME, WHY, WHY TIGHTS, WHY DO YOU HATE ME, there’s usually a rack of samples somewhere in the office to come to the rescue for the rest of the day before you steam them and return them safely to their rack with a sigh of relief before running home to hide from the universe and bemoan your ability (or lack thereof) to ever be a real grownup. Anyhow!

This Gretchen Jones skirt saved me last week, and, goddamnit, I think I’m going to have to get it for real now because I kind of love it. It was one of those things I’d really liked on the rack but never thought it would work on me — it just seemed a little more girly and boho than I usually roll, and I tend to have a hard time with prints.  But it worked fortuitously well with the outfit I had on that day — which originally had included a black wool mini instead — and fit in oddly well with my otherwise chains-and-leather-and-grungy-beanie steeze.

We may also notice that I bought another pair of those Surface to Air wedges that we saw me covet and eventually buy here like in 2009 and after wearing the old ones to three separate deaths, each time resurrected by a shoemaker with a little less vitality until finally they were beyond hope, they popped up on Gilt for, well, cheap. SO I JUST BOUGHT THE SAME PAIR OF SHOES AGAIN. Which feels sort of stupid, but whatever, I’m way psyched about it.

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